There are Many Types of English Language

This is due to its wide use around the world, as well as the expansion and colonization of Britain in various parts of the world in the eighteenth- and nineteenth-century. It also has to do with the economic and political dominance that the USA have had since the late 19th century. Visit us!

English has become the dominant language in business, culture, technology, communications, science and on the Internet. It is also the official language of the United Nations. English, despite being the lingua Franca of the world, is not used uniformly.

English has two varieties: British English (or American English) and Standard English. Oxford English, Standard English and other variations are simply adaptations (especially to maintain consistency in the media, publications, etc.).

British English

British English, or UK English as it is known in America, refers to the versions of English spoken in Britain and other countries outside America. This term distinguishes the UK written English from the other varieties. Commonwealth English however is the term that has become more popular and widely used. British English is the official written language in Britain, and it’s taught to students. There are a few localized words but overall, British English has the same form.

Americans use the term British English to describe the English spoken in England. In contrast, British speakers claim they have “real” English while other countries do not because of their accents. In the UK, however, there are many dialects. The spoken dialects of English are particularly diverse in certain parts. The dialects vary from one region to another. In Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and other parts of the UK, the main differences are in the dialects spoken.

American English

American English or US English has become the dominant form of English used around the globe. This form of English is distinguished by its archaisms – words which changed in meaning but were retained in colonial areas – and innovation in vocabulary (borrowings from French and Spanish settlers in North America). This is due in large part to USA’s popularity, which can be seen through their products, music, films and books.

American English has not only survived but actually intensified in the USA. They are all rooted in the immigrant languages, both in pronunciation and vocabulary.

English is taught in schools in South Africa and Australia. It is also the first language in Pakistan and India. British English, which is common in India, Australia Singapore, South Africa and Hong Kong schools, has a greater impact on schools in India, Australia, Singapore and South Africa. American English, however, has a larger influence in the schools in China, Japan and other Asian countries.

Other countries have their own varieties and subvarieties. These varieties are not considered to be “correct” nor “incorrect,” except for the audience they’re aimed at.

There are few differences in the written versions of American English (e.g. grammar and spelling) between newspapers, books, magazines, etc. Speaking forms, however, vary in their dialects and varieties, particularly when it comes down to pronunciation, vocabulary and idioms. There is no standard or official type of English. Whether it be American English or British English. However, for consistency, clarity and quality in writing, you should stick with one particular type. This is a subjective choice, and it’s not mandatory.

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