Selecting the Right Carpet Cleaning Service

If a person were looking for an electrician, plumber or another contractor to work on their commercial or residential property, they should ask for references. Also, ensure that they verify the tradesman’s experience in other projects.

Why is it that people are so willing to give their best carpet cleaning company, the most important investment in their home decor. To the person with the catchy jingle or the local coupon book. You’ve spent thousands of dollars on carpeting. You want it looking as good as the day it was put in. A steam machine is not sufficient to save your carpeting from the harmful materials that build up and cause it’s degradation over time. Spots and areas with heavy traffic need special attention. We have all had carpets cleaned and seen the same spots come back weeks later.

So how can you find the right carpet cleaning company? First, don’t think that the name is a catchy one or that the yellow trucks make them the best. You should be aware that franchises can have wildly different work ethics. They are usually only skilled in steaming. You can ask your friends and neighbours for recommendations and use rating sites to find a reliable professional who is close to you. Check to see if he can provide the following, even if this isn’t what you need right now. You may be able to do so in the future.

* Deep cleaning. For high traffic areas and carpets that have been neglected.
* Dry Cleaning. It’s a quick party and you don’t have the time or patience to let it dry.
* Spot cleaning. This is essential. A carpet professional is a good dry cleaner. They are able to pinpoint the problem and offer a variety of solutions. Blood, mustards, wine and tomato sauce are some of the possible causes. One cleaner that I know took out a stain that was present for many years. The homeowner called it “that orange stain.” The cleaner quickly found the dye in the pile and mixed it up with hot blue dye. He was able to get rid of the stain that others before him had failed. The list goes on.
* The house is heavily soiled. A few areas where this could happen are near the front door and the exit from the kitchen.
* Water Removal. Even though you don’t live in a flood plain, your upstairs plumbing doesn’t know. You should be aware of your surroundings, especially when you are gone.
* Soot Removing. These are not only caused by house fires, but also by furnace puff back or chimney flues that stick.
* Extras. Many carpet professionals also offer extras beyond their standard service, such as tile grout and porch cleaning.

Remember that when the time comes to clean your carpet, which should occur once or twice a calendar year, you are making a significant investment in someone you trust and feel confident with. Look around to see what they have. You will be very grateful that you did.
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